Logelloop is a multichannel real-time looper who records each loop in a different track. Logelloop features all the basic professional looper functions : Record, Overdub, Multiply, Nextloop (A, B , C) , Mute , Fade , Copy, Undo , Restart , etc.

Logelloop also comes with some more complex functions allowed by a very powerful script engine (macros) and providing access to all functionality. Each looper track authorizes special transformations of sound (pitch, speed, effects, pan, etc.). It is possible to delete or mute independently each sound event or Save/Recover the sounds from the hard drive.

Everything can be accessed with MIDI (note, ctl, pgm change), OSC (Open Sound Control), the computer keyboard or with macros. Each setting can be stored in scene memories, these memories can be recalled directly or by interpolation (a kind of crossfade from the previous setting to the next). Thereby Logelloop is ideal for people playing a musical instrument while triggering effects or for team use.

These memories can also be loaded into an arranger to be recalled successively during the show. Logelloop can record mono or stereo loops, it allows you to mix these loops in stereo, multitrack (each track out independently on the output of the sound card) or in spatialized feeding up to 9 speakers. The low frequencies (LFE) can be directed to a separate output of the sound card.

The Slicer permits you to make real time slices in your loops, change parameter settings such as pitch, speed and playing direction of playback, pan, volume, aux, etc. in conjunction with the metronome.

Logelloop, our multichannel looper, comes with a lot of natives effects (LFX and SFX) : convolution reverb, delay, pitching, distortion, etc. and a granular synthesis arpeggiator (Granulaterre). Max users can load their own patches as inserts in Logelloop. These patches can communicate with all functions of Logelloop and with the Macros. Of course, it is also possible to use VST plug-ins in Logelloop.