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    Getting the input and output routing working has been tricky. It would be nice to have an option to pass the input directly to the output, and also load a VST instrument on an input (something that seemed like it should work). As I can not monitor inputs other then 1&2 on my TASCAM 16 input interface, I had to send the inputs to an AUX channel to hear them live. Similarly, I had to loop/patch the outputs for 3&4 into inputs (11 and 12) to use a software instrument. If I could load the instrument into an input and pass the input audio to the output that would be a lot easier. Also I would not need more than a stereo out.


    Hi Ploughman,
    To route audio input to audio output, you can use the monitoring system.
    I think this is explained in the manual.

    To set up the monitoring : set the output for Monitoring in the audio output panel, in the Input Window, move up the monitor fader (most left fader in the Input Window), then, you will hear the audio input in your output (but with some latency, regarding your audio settings).

    To use a VST instrument in an input : create a stereo input in the input settings panel. add one insert slot in this input (in insert preferences panel), then, in Logelloop, load a VST in the input. In the VST insert, load your instrument. Then, you can route a midi device to this insert (midi preference panel).

    Hope, that will help,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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