I have just purchased Logelloop, I have sent the authorization request for my computer, do I have to keep Logelloop open until I receive it ?

No, you can give the answer to the authorization when Logelloop opens again.

I have lost data on my computer and Logelloop no longer seems authorized, do I have to re-apply for a license ?

No, you can reuse the authorization that has already been given to you for this computer. You must apply for a new license, only if you change the motherboard or computer,

Which sound card can I use with Logelloop ?

All sound cards recognized by your computer’s Core Audio will be usable with Logelloop. The sound of Logelloop depends on the quality of the sound card you use.

Which footboard should I use to control Logelloop ?

Logelloop can be controlled by Note on/Note Off, Pgm change and MIDI controllers for the main functions. The level settings are made by Midi controllers.