Logelloop licenses

Before you buy, take the time to test the software on your machine.

After you have purchased a license, send us your authorization request. We will answer you very quickly to send you Logelloop’s authorization on your machine. A license allows you to use Logelloop on 2 computers.

Logelloop 4 was released on 22 February 2015, if you purchased Logelloop before that date, your license is for Logelloop 1, 2 or 3. If you have any doubts about your purchase date of Logelloop, you can write to us and ask us the question.

Logelloop 5.1 is a free update for all Logelloop 5 users.

* If you wish to purchase an education license, please provide us with a copy of a student card, a teacher’s pay slip or a document indicating that you are a training center.

Logelloop footboards

Compact and lightweight, these footboards are designed for touring. They are also very quiet and ideal for Live Looping of acoustic instruments and for quiet environments.

The result of dozens of prototypes and several years of research, these 13-button footswitches can be combined with one or two 7-button satellite footboards. The satellite footboards are connected using Ethernet cables that allow for long lengths to space the different footswitches on stage, and a single USB connection on the computer.

Find more infos to pre-command these pedal boards on this page