Logelloop is a modular, fully configurable creative tool with a project-based organisation. It is basically a multi-channel looper with a set of functions offering studio conditions for the stage.

Logelloop is also a powerful electroacoustic tool designed to create and play on sound spatialization systems.

If you are a musician and want to run effects or load preparations while your hands are busy playing an instrument, Logelloop is for you!

If you are a sounddesigner and you need to quickly create new sounds, Logelloop, with its slicers, micro loops, granular synthesis functions is made for you!

If you are a live looper and you like to play parallel loops, synchronous or asynchronous, in asymmetrical musical templates, whether you are alone on stage or with other musicians, Logelloop is made for you!

You are a sound engineer for theatre or dance and you are asked to launch samples in real time on multi-speaker devices, Logelloop is made for you!

On stage

On stage

Record and play realtime multitrack Live looping,  spatialize your loops in the venue, add realtime sound effects, record your concert in multitrack.

Sound design

Sound design

Use Logelloop’s advanced features to transform sound in realtime, make granular synthesis, create sound environments.

Backstage management

Backstage management

Make your Playlists, manage the sound spatialization, manage lights or videos, and much more with Logelloop.

Looper, for modular and parallel Live Looping

Looper for Logelloop

Looper is an incredibly versatile tool to make synchronous or asynchronous loops. Looper can quantize loops to beats or bars. The recording or playing can start immediately, or wait for the begin of the next bar.  Each instance of Looper can be associated with a group, if several Loopers are associated with the same group, they will be totally synchronous when recording the loop, thus allowing obtaining a hybrid Looper...

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They said :

«[…] this was one of the most impressive demonstrations of live looping technology I've ever seen! I've seen a lot in my performances at looping festivals in 20 countries. If you are looking into getting into live looping technology, I would seriously consider Logelloop. »

Rick Walker Musician, Promoter of the Santa Cruz' Loopfest

« I think Logelloop is fantastic, for me it's a nice slap! it's been 25 years that I practice computer-assisted music, I went through all the softs... my predilection goes for ProTools in studio and Ableton Live for the composition; Logelloop is part of this same lineage, an app that brings a good contribution : you really thought of great things! »

Stéphane Bouvier Musicien pour Yann Tiersen, Miossec, Luke