Advanced Live Looping with the main looper
  • Many Live Looping functionalities (Record, Overdub, Multiply, Mute, autofade, etc)
  • Copy loops between banks, CopyAfter, Copy Loops on the Hard Drive
  • 3 loop banks (A, B, C)
Modular Live Looping with the inserted looper
  • Group Looping
  • Record several loops at the same time
  • Quantize your loops to the metronome
  • As many synced/unsynced loopers as you need
Mixing desk
  • spatialization up to 9 speakers + LFE
  • 4 Inserts per track
  • Up to 8 auxiliary channels per track
  • Solo, Mute, volume, etc. on each track
  • More than 30 native plug-ins
  • Stereo or mono plug-in insertion in inputs, looper tracks and FX channels
  • Multiple plug-ins in parallel or serial on channels
  • Multitrack plug-in insertion with SFX
  • External AU, VST or M4L
  • Make your own Logelloop plug-ins with  Max
Sound Design tools
  • Impulse reverberation
  • Granular synthesis with Granulaterre
  • Many Delay types
  • Convolution, distortion, ring modulation
  • Parametric equalization, low pass, hi pass, band pass
  • Convert audio to LFO
  • Native LFO synced to your loops
  • Sync any track setting to the LFO
  • Up to 8 LFO at the same time
  • Chain LFOs to make custom wave shapes
Scene memories
  • Every setting can be memorized in presets
  • Interpolation between presets
  • Presets edition, importation from projects, etc.
  • Preset playlists with the presets arranger
  • Make realtime slices in your loops
  • Sync your audio settings to the metronome
  • Visual Slicer settings memorization
  • Slicer datasheet edition for precise settings
  • Slicer playlists with the Slicer presets and the Slicer preset arranger
  • Link compatibility for external synchronization
  • Tempo calculation on new Loop
  • Metronome slave mode
  • Metronome Master mode
Audio exportation & importation
  • Record your show in multitrack with output recorder
  • Save your loops on the hard drive
  • Import audio file as loops
  • Share loops with your friends
  • Play audio files with the File player
  • Audio playlists


External control / Software automatisation
  • MIDI control to any functionality
  • OSC full control
  • Aggregated functionalities control with macros and MIDI or OSC
  • Easy Lemur control with the Lemur template
  • Play videos from Logelloop for your movie concert
  • Sync your live looping to the video player
  • Sync the Logelloop settings to the video timecode with the macros
  • Make a project for each show
  • Configure each project with more than 50 project options
  • Duplicate or share your Logelloop projects
  • Record loops as long as you need
  • Script Logelloop with macros
  • Use your own Max patchers
  • Route audio anywhere with Audio Send and Audio Receive
  • Latency compensation


Cool user experience
  • Contextual documentation
  • Video tutorials
  • Forums
  • Beta test participation

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