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    I am looking for a function that would return the current state of a looper, e.g. play, record, overdub etc. I am looking for something like:

    If { LooperAState == Record}
    Action 1
    ElseIf { LooperAState == Overdub}
    Action 2

    Thanks for any help!


    Philippe OllivierPhilippe

    Hi Daniel,
    To know the state of almost everything in Logelloop.
    You will use the variables.
    Every variable is in the “Macro Variable Viewer” you open in the tools menu.

    Then, if you want to know the state of a record, you can put Record in the filter and you will see $state_record$ in the list.
    $state_record$ will be true when the main looper is recording.

    So the macro is :


    If {$state_record$ == true}
    Message “Recording in action”

    If {$state_overdub$ == true}
    Message “Overdub in action”

    Sleep 100

    While true


    Thank you.

    I now found the variables you mentioned in the reference guide. I still have some questions though.
    1. The “Main looper” is that the currently selected looper (could I use $current_selected_track$)? If not, can I somehow define what looper/track to ask the state for?
    2. Is there any “Play” state for the looper? I.e. is there anyway of knowing if the looper is just playing (not in record, mute, overdub, multiply…)?
    3. Is there anyway of knowing the state of an Insert Looper?

    Thanks again!

    Philippe OllivierPhilippe


    1 – The main looper is the 10 tracks looper.$state_multiply$, $state_mute$, $state_overdub$, $state_record$ will tell you the state of this main looper.
    $current_full_tracks_count$ and $current_last_full_track$ will tell you how many tracks are playing in the main looper.

    2 – $current_loop_duration_ms$ and $current_loop_duration_samples$ will tell you if there is something in the main looper : {$current_loop_duration_ms$ != 0} means something is recorded and if it is not muted ({$state_mute$ == false}) it should be playing.

    3 – if you load a looper in fx3 / rank 1, this variable will be created : $Looper_fx3_rank1_Record_state$ and it will be visible in the list.
    If you put $Looper_fx3 in the filter part of the variable table, you will see this list :


    All of those variables describes the fx3-rank1 Looper state


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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