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    Tom Whiston


    I’m trying to set up a midi map for logelloop and I realised that getting my controllers to reflect the state of logelloop is hard due to the way that it deals with midi. Most midi controllers, if used in a latching mode send 127 when turning on (usually lighting an LED) and 0 when turning off, this allows the controller button to reflect the software state. However logelloop expects 127 each time to toggle the state, which means that you can’t use toggle mode on hardware buttons, and thus can’t reflect the software state on the controller. Is there any way to work around this?


    Hi Tom,
    The MIDI controller system is very old and was intended to listen to very old Midi footboards. I think your feature request makes perfect sense.
    We can add the toggle mode for MIDI controllers. I will probably not be implemented for the upcoming Logelloop 5.1 version but soon later…
    Which Midi controller model do you use?

    Tom Whiston

    Thanks very much, I appreciate the response and the willingness to add new features 🙂 I actually did try this out with my line6 FBV shortboard mkII foot controller as well when I was initially testing logelloop but because that also has the LED lights and latching features I found myself in the same position.

    I’m using an old bcf2000 currently (though I have a lot of other controllers too this one seems the best for my plans) but I’m considering the upgrade to a behringer x-touch compact. I think it’s a bit of a shame that these controllers have not all implemented OSC I/O though!


    Hi Tom,
    I have a BCF200, I will add the toggle mode with it.
    I made a template for Lemur, if you have an iPad, that could be a solution in some cases…
    hanks for your answer,

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