It is very simple to make LFX or SFX for Logelloop with Max Patchers.

To create your insert, go to the Tools menu and choose one of these three options :

Create an LFX insert in the Tracks inserts folder of the project
Create an LFX insert in the Inputs inserts folder of the project
Create an SFX plug-in with Max

Then, give the name you want to your Plug-In, click OK and the Plug-in is created in the right place, in one of the folders “Externals LFX for Inputs Insert”, “Externals LFX for Tracks Insert” or “Externals SFX” of your project.
You can now click on one of the insert or SFX loading menus and you will see your own plug-in appear in the list. Load it and click on the Edit button to edit it in Max. Every time you make changes in Max and save your patch, it will be updated in Logelloop.

If you want to use the LFX or SFX in all your projects, you must drag it into the correct User Global Files folder.

To know all the possibilities of connecting your plug-ins in Logelloop, we advise you to download the “Logelloop SDK” Package and install it in Max. You will find all the necessary information to improve the communication of your plug-in with Logelloop.


Make your own Logelloop Plug-ins with Max

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