This page contains tutorials made in 2017 with Logelloop 4. They mainly concern the use of the main looper, which we could now call the “former looper”.

Since Logelloop 5, we’ve taken a strong direction towards modularity and we now encourage users to prefer modular and Korpus loopers, as they are much more flexible in use and allow you to go much further in modern Live Looping.

It’s still interesting to know how the old looper works, because there are some things that are really simple to accomplish, and also because some tools, like the Slicer, remain really powerful and unrivalled elsewhere.

So you can continue to draw inspiration from the tutorials below.


1. First launch

2. The main window

3. The main looper’s basic functions

4. Loop edition, Copy, audio Importation, Output recording
5. Presets and Slicer
6. Using the Metronome
7. Scripting Logelloop with the Macros
8. Logelloop Projects & Global parameters
9. Inserting plug-ins in Logelloop
10. Using the LFO in Logelloop