On May 3, 4 and 5, it’s party time at Logelloù!

We’re celebrating 20 years of using Logelloop software, our real-time sound creation tool.

We’ll start on Friday 3rd with an evening in memory of Michel Aumont, who was the first to use Logelloop on stage, and whose musical composition for clarinet strongly influenced the software’s first features. That evening, after watching an extract from one of Michel’s concerts, we’ll be listening to some of his fellow musicians. These include Régis Huiban and Youn Kamm, who worked with him on SouffleS 3. 

Then William Nicolas will present Variation. This is a piece for Bombarde, Biniou, vocals and Logelloop. Electroacoustic Breton music over 8 loudspeakers, a real treat. Commissioned by Logelloù, it’s not to be missed!

As the evening is in memory of Michel, BF15 will open the fest-noz with a motley crew including Yvon Rouget (violin), Stéphane Morvan (bombarde), Gaby Kerdoncuff (trumpet), Jacques Beauchamp (bombarde), Michel Toutous (biniou), Etienne Cabaret (clarinet) and myself (accordion). Alléééééé, Gavotte!

The fest-noz line-up will include Arn, Floriane Le Pottier (violin), Christophe Correc (accordion and Logelloop), Régis Huiban (accordion), Youn Kamm (trumpet, biniou), Coic mamm ha mec’h (kan ha dis kan), William Nicolas (bombarde), Régis Bunel (baritone saxophone), Etienne Cabaret (bass clarinet, treujenn gaol), Louri Derrien (bombarde), Yann-Ewen L’Haridon (bombarde and planche)…

On Saturday, it’s an anthology of several creations, all written with Logelloop!

Youssra Kechai delivers Pelloù, a piece for cello and Logelloop, co-interpreted with Paula Escobar on electric guitar. Surprise and immersion for an unusual use of Logelloop! Also commissioned by Logelloù.

Timothée Le Net’s CoïncidenceS introduces us to the happy, optimistic and smiling poetry of Trégor’s Yvonne Le Fustec. Maël Lhopiteau will play the harp, and Camille Le Jeune will read the texts. This is the third Logelloù commission to be delivered this first weekend in May!

Jean-Luc Thomas, an old friend and one of Logelloop’s first users, will also be on hand with Le Souffleur de rêves, his new show. This intimate, retrospective piece, full of flutes wrapped in Logelloop, is a delight of sweetness and harmony.

Not to be outdone, I’ll be playing a new composition for bandoneon, pebbles and Logelloop. I won’t be telling you more about it just yet…

And on Sunday morning, at 11 a.m., we’ll meet on the seafront for Miracles et autres insomnies, a time of contemporary poetry with Klariz Bailleul and Olivier Depoix on accordion. I’m told Klariz will be performing Logelloop on his texts… I can’t wait.

Behind this magnificent poster created by David Vrignault lie not only 20 years of work on the creation of a real-time electroacoustic creation tool, but also a whole anthology of creations that will be performed for the first time on May 3, 4 and 5 at Logelloù, in Penvenan!

See you there?

Logelloop celebrates its 20th anniversary on May 3, 4 and 5!

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