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    Is there any way to record to another disk?

    Right now it has to be the same disk the application is installed on, which seems limiting. To get a stereo master recoding of a performance, I need send everything to an FX channel and use that as a master mix or record all the tracks and fx channels and then re-mix it all in protools. I am hoping to do a performance and burn a one-off CD to give away/sell at the end of the show. That vision is a ways off 🙂

    Great work on an amazing tool.


    Hi Ploughman,

    You can record with the output recorder on any disk by choosing the destination in “project configuration” / Medias / Logelloop / Storage folder for Output Recorder

    With Logelloop 5 you will have the possibility to record the stereo output ion the disk.
    The Logelloop 5 beta will begin very soon, every information here : https://www.logelloop.com/blog/logelloop-5-beta-test?lang=en


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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