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    I’m looking for a way to modify the frequency of an HiCut insert among time by using a Macro command.

    I’ve tried to do it via the During Reach Command but it doesn’t work fine.

    Does someone has an idea of how to do this ?

    Thanks a lot

    Best Regards


    Hi Gwenole,
    Here is a macro example for this kind of situation.

    //*************************** macro begin *****************************
    // This macro will reproduce the During reach macro function
    // It may be useful with settings not implemented
    // in the native During reach funtionnality
    // ********************************************************************

    // Put your personnal settings here
    // you need to know your begin value, your target value
    // and the during duration
    Declare float $dr_begin_value$ = 10000
    Declare float $dr_target_value$ = 200
    Declare int $dr_during_length_ms$ = 3000

    // Only change those declarations if you
    // need something particular
    Declare int $dr_step_duration_ms$ = 10
    Declare float $dr_steps_count$ = {$dr_during_length_ms$ / $dr_step_duration_ms$}
    Declare float $dr_step_size$ = {($dr_target_value$ – $dr_begin_value$) / $dr_steps_count$}
    Declare float $dr_current_value$ = $dr_begin_value$
    Declare float $dr_current_duration_ms$ = 0

    $dr_current_value$ = {$dr_current_value$ + $dr_step_size$}
    Sleep $dr_step_duration_ms$
    $dr_current_duration_ms$ = {$dr_current_duration_ms$ + $dr_step_duration_ms$}

    //Choose the setting here
    InsertSendMessage trk1 1 Frequency $dr_current_value$

    While {$dr_current_duration_ms$ < $dr_during_length_ms$} //**************************** macro end ******************************

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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