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    I have 5 Insert Loopers on Fx1-5 channels. I am using Slicer to trigger different selections on the Insert Loopers. In my current Slicer Preset I have set the exact same In and Out values for Insert 1, Insert 2, Insert 3 etc… (In the Edit matrix). And all of these Inserts are also enabled (red marked) in the UI. When Insert 1 is enabled the slicer works perfectly on Insert 1, but when I do the same for any of the other Inserts nothing happens. I am missing something or could there be a bug here? The Insert 1-8 buttons in the Slicer UI corresponds to Inserts on FX channels, right? Thanks!!

    Philippe OllivierPhilippe

    You probably forgot to set the slicer to inserts routing that is in the drawer at the bottom of the Slicer window.
    This is explained in the documentation.

    Here is a screen copy of my settings and everything seems to be ok.


    Slicer Inserts settings

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    Philippe OllivierPhilippe

    I think those settings should be set to 1-8 by default.
    It will be the case for in the next Logelloop release.


    Ok. Thanks!


    Now the triggering of Insert 2-5 works fine! However, I have found another strange behaviour that I cannot explain. When I have red marked/selected only “Slices” the selctions are swithcing in main looper in accordance to Slicer settings. In this case the Insert Loopers should not be affected at all by the Slicer (because no Insert 1-8 have been red marked), but what happens is that at the moment when Slicer is started all Insert Loopers get “stuck” in one selection from where the current playhead is located. This is very strange since nothing should happen to the Insert loopers. Any ideas?


    Apparently this is connected to if the specific FX 1-5 is connected to the Inserts 1-5 as per your picture above. If for example Fx 1 is not connected to an insert this Insert Looper does not get “stuck” in a selection

    Philippe OllivierPhilippe

    Hi Daniel,
    There was a bug here.
    Thanks for finding and reporting it.
    I think it is now fixed for the next release.
    I will send you a private link to download the next beta and tell me if this is also fixed on your end.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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