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    Of some reason Logelloop does not let me trigger my macro through a button on my Launchpad MK2. This seems like a basic thing and I have mapped the correct midi control in “Midi commands – Macro”, adding the value “12” under Controllers, and the midi device “Launchpad MK2” is selected with Midi Channel “Any”. I can also see that when I push this specific button I can see Message “notein 12 127 1” in the Max Console. But the macro is not triggered when I push the button. Is there something I might be missing?



    Yan Le Deannay-seven

    you talk about “12 under controllers” but your launchpad send notes, not CC ? ( best way is to use midi learn in the note section ?
    another thing to test is trying with a basic macro, like “add track” just test with a launchpad mini ( mk1) but works here



    I did actually try with the Note as well, but no luck. How do I use Midi Learn? I haven’t seen it.

    Philippe OllivierPhilippe

    Hi Daniel,
    I think you are using a beta and not the last official Logelloop 5.1 release.
    So any report should be done via email to logelloop@logelloop.com.

    Anyway, if the issue happens with the last beta you just need to choose the channel and not set to Any as we have a bug with Any.
    You will receive a new beta link very soon that will fix this issue.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.


    Yan Le Deannay-seven

    to use the midi learn feature, simply click on the note zone, here in yellow and press the pad you want to use
    test with the add track macro to be sure, cause the issue can also be in the macro you use ?

    macro midi

    ok, so crossed post with Philippe

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    Thanks for the help. Actually the reference documentation for midi messages for my Launchpad was not correct. But now it is correct since you showed me the midi learn.

    Yan Le Deannay-seven

    Good news ! have fun 😉

    Philippe OllivierPhilippe

    Thanks Nay !

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