International live looping festival from 23 to 26 May 2019

Le Logelloù organizes its first Loopfest. On the program, four days of discoveries, concerts, meetings and shows. The Logelloù team, which is also the developer of Logelloop, wanted to be the organizer of the first LoopFest in Brittany.

This Trégorroise LoopFest has the particularity that it is not organised in urban territory, but in marine or rural settings.

During the week, you will be able to hear :

Friedrich Glorian (Germany)

Lucid brain Integrative project (France)

Martin Janíček (Czech Republic)

Philippe Ollivier (Bretagne)

Jean-Luc Thomas (Bretagne)

The first LoopFest was held in Santa Cruz, California in 2000. (Y2K: year 2OOO, in English). The Californian percussionist, Rick Walker (photo), is at the origin of it. The principle of LoopFest is to make exchanges between musicians and sound artists who record and replay themselves live using loopers, which can be small devices or very elaborate computer systems. In 2019, LoopFest will be held in more than 20 different countries.

LoopFest at Penvenan

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