As part of UNESCO’s National Sound Week, at the instigation of the Logelloù in Penvénan, a program is being offered by a number of local structures in the area of Tregor.

Among the highlights of this first edition of the year will be a “Sonférence” organized by Tregor Sonore around Logelloop, hosted by Philippe Ollivier, in person at the Cité des télécoms in Pleumeur-Bodou (reservation required) on Monday 24 January 2022 at 6.30pm.

The Sonference will also be broadcast live on the internet for those who cannot attend. Remote participants will benefit from the same quality of immersion as in-person participants thanks to binaural sound and will be able to interact with the speakers. (headphones recommended)

To register for the Sonference, click here :

For more information on the complete program of the “semaine du son” of Logellou , click here :

Replay of the conference here:

SONFÉRENCE #6 : LOGELLOOP, the digital tool, an instrument in its own

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