Logelloop LE gives access to most of the major functions of the software and allows you to practice multi-channel live looping for free using four tracks on the main looper on bank A.

It allows to route the sound to two auxiliary circuits. Several effects are available and it is possible to insert one per track. It is also possible to insert a multi-channel effect (SFX). You can use up to four macros at a time or take advantage of one LFO circuit. You can use the Modular Looper by inserting it into either of the two available Auxiliary Loops or into one of the four tracks of the main Looper.

The maximum duration of the loops is limited to 60 seconds in the LE version, but this already gives a lot of possibilities.

Clicking on “About Logelloop PRO” (4) will open the page comparing the features available in the PRO and LE versions.

How do I open Logelloop LE?

When you start Logelloop, a window opens and offers you to try Logelloop Pro (1). By clicking this button you will have the possibility to send us a trial licence request to test the professional functions of Logelloop.

By clicking “Activate Logelloop PRO” (2) you can register your trial or permanent licence for Logelloop Pro.

Finally, by clicking on “Launch Logelloop LE” (3) you have access to the free version.

Use Logelloop LE for free !

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