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    Tom WhistonTom Whiston

    Hi, I’m having some trouble getting the record to be controller properly by midi currently. When I send a midi note on to the record button it turns on momentarily but then almost immediately turns itself off again. Using midi monitor I can see the following occurs

    17:00:30.725	To to Logelloop 5 1	Note On	1	39	127
    17:00:30.831	To Session 1	        Note On	1	39	127
    17:00:31.130	To Session 1	        Note Off 1	39	0

    When I just push the record button in korpus manually it only creates the following:
    17:02:58.689 To Session 1 Note On 1 39 127

    Any idea what is going on here, considering that my midi controller is not sending a note off to korpus?


    Hi Tom,
    Your controller needs to send a note off to corpus as we need to calculate the length of the push to make the difference between a short and a long push… If Korpus doesn’t see a note off it consider that this a long push, and then it will begin a record and very shortly after make an erase… Isn’t it possible to send a note off from your controller?

    Tom WhistonTom Whiston

    Hi Philippe,

    What you described is exactly what I am seeing. Unfortunately, it appears that I cannot get a note on/off to be fast enough to get the expected behaviour. I suspect this is because I’m having to convert the cc from my footpedal into notes for logelloop (please see: https://www.logelloop.com/forums/topic/midi-latching/ for more info).
    I suppose that this need to differentiate between long and short presses also means that it would not be possible to have a ‘latched’ record mode? so that a pedal can show the record state with an LED (also as per the discussion in my other post)


    Which system do you use to convert cc to notes? I think this would be possible and fast with Max.
    If you need, I can try to make a patch for this…

    Tom WhistonTom Whiston

    I was just using midipipe to be fast/lazy but I can make a max patch. The issue is really the board because it has 3 modes for each switch

    1. single which just sends a cc at 127 value
    2. momentary which sends cc 127 when you press and 0 when you release
    3. toggle which sends 127 when you first push it and 0 the next time

    momentary mode is too slow for logelloop to register as a short press and the others do not meet the requirements you stated above so none of these work. I think my approach will be to put the switch in single mode and make a max patch that sends the note off immediately. I had hoped I could use toggle for the visual feedback it provides but I will survive without it!


    The second one should work no?

    The first may be ok. In Max just add a 100 ms delay before the note off.
    For the feed back, Logelloop will send a note on value, you can use it to light up the LED.

    Tom WhistonTom Whiston

    The second one, unfortunately, is too slow even if I get my foot off the pedal as fast as I can physically manage! The first mode with a note off added by a max patch works perfectly thought and solves all my problems except the lit LED when in recording state, as the board does not accept midi in messages and expects to do this via it’s ‘toggle’ mode


    Even if you send a controller value, you can’t lit the led? That seems obvious there should be a way to d it no?

    I looked at the cade and it is not so complicated to add ctl in to Korpus but I need to know how to send the midi feedback to the footboard.

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