This forced confinement may the right period to learning new tools and to make Live Looping. This is why we have decided to offer free online initiations for Logelloop.

These webinars will cover how to begin with Logelloop 5.1, or particular functions as well as the new features of Logelloop 5.1. Participants will be able to ask questions and make written interventions during the presentation.

Date and time of the first sessions :

Thursday, April 2nd at 14:30 : presentation of the new features of Logelloop 5.1 (in French)

Friday April 3rd at 14:30 : introduction to Logelloop 5.1 (in French)

Please register to one of these webinars by writing to In order for these initiations to be more beneficial to you, it is advisable to have previously installed Logelloop 5.1 on your computer (the trial version is sufficient) and if possible to be in possession of a footboard or a MIDI controller.

We will propose some English spoken webinars later, so, tell us if you are interested in those webinars. If you would like us to discuss specific functions, please drop us an email.


Logelloop 5.1 webinars

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