MAX workshop for beginners

MAX workshop for beginners

Max – graphical programming environment dedicated to real-time audiovisual applications Dates and place: from 9 to 13 November 2020 at Logelloù (Penvénan – 22) – 35 hours This course is intended for sound engineers, musicians, sound or video artists, and anyone interested in real-time sound or image processing. At Logelloù, special emphasis can be placed on the development of plug-ins for Ableton Live (M4L) and Logelloop (LFX & SFX), at

LOGELLOOP Workshop – 2 levels

LOGELLOOP Workshop – 2 levels

Dates and place: 16, 17, 18 November 2020 (level 1) and 23, 24, 25 November 2020 (level 2) at Logelloù (France – Penvénan – 22) Level 1 is intended for people who are new to the software; level 2 is a refresher course for those who participated in the first session or for people already using Logelloop and who wish to clarify and deepen their knowledge. Training is provided by

Korpus, the ultimate tool for Live Looping

Korpus the ultimate Looper of Logelloop

Korpus is a new multi-channel Live Looping system based on Logelloop’s inserted Loopers.  Korpus is faithful to Logelloop’s reputation, it allows Live Looping with advanced features, perfect sound from the first to the last track, the ability to treat each loop independently, etc.  Korpus is an intuitive and very versatile. It is a modern system, responding to the feedback and needs of all Logelloop’s users. Any of the Loopers, wherever

Logelloop 5.1 – A major free update !

Logelloop 5.1

Here is Logelloop 5.1 ! Aside from some bug fixes, Logelloop 5.1 introduces some very important things, like : Korpus (a revolutionary new Live Looping system) and a bunch of Looper new functionalities. We still are in the mood for simplifying the use of the overall tool and we particularly do our best to improve the documentation. In this version, you will find a lot of new features including a

Logelloop 5.1 webinars

Logelloop Webinars

This forced confinement may the right period to learning new tools and to make Live Looping. This is why we have decided to offer free online initiations for Logelloop. These webinars will cover how to begin with Logelloop 5.1, or particular functions as well as the new features of Logelloop 5.1. Participants will be able to ask questions and make written interventions during the presentation. Date and time of the