Logelloop 5.5 is a major update that brings many bug fixes and a lot of new features and improvements for live looping and electroacoustic creation.  

If you do not have a pro license, the application starts in LE (Learning edition) mode. The LE version gives access to the basic functions. The list of limitations of the LE version can be found here. You can ask us for a provisional evaluation licence for the PRO version and upgrade to this version at any time. 

Audio settings are now done in a dedicated panel in the File menu. The keyboard shortcut for this panel is “cmd/ctrl + ;” 

In this new audio settings panel you will also have access to settings such as driver selection, the maximum loop duration, the number of tracks (1 to 10) and the number of banks in the main looper (1 to 3). There, you will also set the number of auxiliary channels (up to 16), inserts activation, input and output routings, output recorder settings.

The panel used to configure MIDI commands and all optional settings can now be opened without stopping the audio engine, making the project configuration more comfortable.

In addition to this there are a number of improvements to the Logelloop interface: you can hide the speed, pitch and stretch settings of the main looper, you can isolate certain tracks when recalling scene memories, we have also added a panel for editing the inserts loaded in the scene memories. In this panel you can copy and paste insert settings from one scene memory to another. You can also choose whether the insert is visible or not when you call up the scene memory.

On the modular looper side, the new “Only change speed if there is no audio” option allows you to load a scene memory in which the speed of the loopers is different, without the risk of hearing glissandi if the loopers contain audio. The speed changes will only take effect when the audio content is replaced. 

It is possible to copy and paste a loop selection from one looper to another or to the Granulaterre. 

Inserts now accept commands generated by MIDI controllers which work in the same way as MIDI Notes, LFOs have been given more freedom, they can now bypass the metronome with the Unsynced mode and have three random modes.

Logelloop 5.5 is a free and recommended update for all Logelloop 5 users. Detailed change notes are available below. 

New features in Logelloop 5.5 :
Compatibility with Mac OS 11
Compatibility with arm64 M1 processor
Logelloop LE, free learning version
The number of auxiliary circuits is increased to 16.
New preset editing panel (to edit loaded LFX and SFX in scene memories)
New Recall safe panel to exclude Tracks / UI from preset recall
The Audio settings are now set in a dedicated interface
The DSP engine is no longer stopped when changing preferences other than audio settings
Max Loop length may now be independent in each project and is set in the audio settings
Logarithmic audio faders (active in new projects but must be activated in former projects)
Leap Motion (Mac Only) : new LFX to natively use a leap Motion as a Logelloop controller
Saved loops are now memorised and can be reloaded with presets
“Midi variables for macros” now store the settings in presets
Interface : new organisation of project and global preferences
Interface : new option to make the windows floating
Interface : cmd/ctrl + s will store a preset or store the preferences
Interface : hint indicates the aux number on the send button
Interface : Main Window zoom and position are memorised
Interface : Spatialised outputs, when the sound position is changed the new position is showed in degrees in the button
Interface : zoom improvement in the documentation window
Interface : Track Mute state is stored in presets
Inserts load/Unload —> should be faster in many cases
Main Looper Settings : option “Keep console settings at Nextloop” in “Main looper behaviour”
Main Looper : the number of tracks in the main looper can be changed
Main Looper : Overdub Mixed mode behaviour is completely rewritten
Main Looper : overdub in mixed mode —> the playback head is visible during recording
Main Looper : sync position in seconds is showed in the waveform window
Main Looper : commands window refinements and preset memorisation for settings
Main Looper : Copy audio content
Looper : Allow audio file drag & drop (AIFF, Wave, MP3, M4a)
Looper : Copy / Paste / Normalize audio content
Looper : added macro message for <> “Reset in/out waveform selection”
Import audio file : can import MP3 and M4a files ande some other improvements
Looper : new optional behaviour —> “Only change speed if there is no audio”
Korpus : added a ClearAll Midi command
Korpus : it’s now possible to change the current group by macro
Slicer : the loaded preset and the on/off state are now memorised in the Logelloop scene memories
Slicer : added numbers in the stickers
Slicer : the slicer presets loading mode is memorised and recalled when the project is loaded
Slicer : slots activation by midi/keyboard commands
Slicer : steps Learn button
Slicer : midi feedback
Slicer : added macro variable $slicer_current_step$
Slicer : cmd/ctrl + click will activate/deactivate all fx or tracks with one click
Auxiliaries : midi activation
Midi : feedback for Pitch State, Stretch State and Speed in main looper tracks
Midi : insert midi commands by controller
Midi : direct access from the transport window to the midi settings
Midi : buttons to open the Midi control panels from the help page
Midi : print midi in the console
M4L : many improvements
LFO : performance improvements
LFO : added Random, Random X and Drunk
LFO : can be unsynced from the metronome
LFO : when unsynced is activated, the delay is expressed in ms
LFO : spat LFO minimum and maximum values are now set to -3. and 3.
Granulaterre : saving audio sample in the scene memories is now documented
Granulaterre : waveform selection reset button
Granulaterre : Long push on the Record button will erase the sample (same as Clear)
Granulaterre : can load MP3 and M4a audio files
Granulaterre : Paste audio content
GranulaterreSampleSelect : new macro command to select the audio buffer
GranulaterreSetInternalBPM : new macro command to set the internal metronome bpm
Delay Pitch : new multichannel SFX
Ping Pong Delay : now keep the on/off state in the presets
Insert : Pitch has a Midi command to reset the pitch value to 0.
Insert : Distortion has a on/off button
Tremolo has a On/Off button and some other improvements
M4L insert : added the folder icon to open the devices folder
Output recorder : cmd/ctrl + click will activate/deactivate all fx, tracks, inputs recording with one click
Macros : added optional action types to WaitUserAction (Clic, DoubleClic, LongPress, Release)
Macros : added macro example “Push to record”
Macros : new PresetInterpStop command (to stop an interpolation in progress)
Macros : start, stop, simulate user action, stored in presets
Macros : new TrackPanRotator in degree
Macros : added macro examples “AutoSpat in Degree 1” and “AutoSpat in Degree 2”
Macros : all commands using ON/OFF or 1/0 now permits true/false
Macros : added {randomBool(x)} that returns a true/false randomly according to the x probability
Macros : added MetroMute command
Macros : added MetroStartAsMasterWithLink command
Macros : main looper MixedModeRate is now MixedModeEraseLevel
Macros : Wait actions have a specific color in the macro editor
Macros : added optional Release action argument to WaitUserAction
Macros : No more “Ignored Action…” message
Macros : OSC macro variables

Fixes in 5.5 :
Improved stability and performances during project change
Improved stability and performances when interpolating between presets
Fixed a crash related to a division by zero in a macro that may happen while opening a project on some computers
Fixed a potential crash with “Distorsion” & “Delay Pitch” on Windows
Fixed Saved loops in 16 bits
Fixed a M4L potential crash
Fixed midi in for M4L devices
Interface : Preset interpolation is more fluid
Fixed FX 5 – 8 : Audio outputs on different outputs
Fixed Audio gliches when the output recorder is stopped
Fixed doc access from Pitch LFX and Tremolo
Fixed Macro Signalcatchblock with wait…
Fixed an issue with Recall safe for SFX
Fixed an issue with reloading inserts states in SFX track with presets
Copy paste shortcut on Windows for Slicer editor and Preset editor
Interface: improvement of the recording head position
Metronome : Improve Link stability
Metronome and Slicer exclusion from preset interpolation
Audio preferences edition no more reset spatialised spread when Logelloop is in stereo mode
Improved panner midi control
Fixed a potential crash when a slicer preset was loaded while Slicer was playing
Fixed a potential crash when loading a new project
Fixed an issue that make LFO & Macro forgot their presets settings after changing project without restarting Logelloop
Looper : no more interpolation when changing presets
Looper : fixed LFO to loop in out selection
Granulaterre : Fixed Tap Tempo
Granulaterre : When a Main Looper track is selected, the sample size is set to loop length
Granulaterre : Improved preset load for old project (from Logelloop 1 to 3)
Help – Documentation : Fixed copy & Copy All for inserted LFX macro controllers
File Player SFX : opens the right documentation page
File Player SFX : offset works correctly in Logelloop Stereo
File Player SFX : seek works correctly
File Player insert : seek works correctly
Fixed OSC & Keyboard commands for Overdub mix mode / Replace
Korpus : ClearAll will not cause any sound glitches
Korpus : AutofadeAll Will use the correct fade length
Korpus : AutofadeAll & AutofadeAllWithLength will not fade in a playing group
Midi configuration : devices change works as expected in every panel (metronome, output recorder, etc.)
30 ms fade time by default
Output recorder : vumeters are active even when the recorder is not active
Pitches on Main Looper : fixed latency issue
Fixed an issue with Zoom for Main Window
Interface : Recent Projects are correctly ordered by date
Interface : “Audio settings” (in the audio preferences) opens correctly on Mac OS 10.15
Interface : fixed zoom shortcuts (on Windows)
Interface : close in the File menu is not clickable anymore
Interface : It is now impossible to Delete “Loop A state”, “Loop B state” and “Loop C state” in the presets menu
Interface : Fixed a Max4Live window position and size
Fixed a problem where when loading some inserts, the insert settings were not automatically reloaded
Fixed : In stereo mode, Main Loop Waveform Editor reverting to mono after a project change
Interface —> close in the File menu is not clickable anymore
Inserts load/Unload —> should be faster in many cases
Fixed a problem where when loading some inserts, the insert settings were not automatically reloaded
Insert : Fixed Pitch activation by Midi command
Insert : Playlist playlists are now reloaded with a preset
Insert : When a Looper is loaded in SFX : Bypass is stereo
Macro midi commands : fixed an issue with the refresh of the macro mappings
SFX Video has now an access to the documentation via “?”
Granulaterre : the sample is restarted at each trigger

New features in Logelloop 5.5.1 :
It is now possible to show double global display
Macro : set the LFO delay ms by macro messages
Output recorder : the recorder stops and show a message if the HD is full
Output recorder : each file contains a take number in its name
Midi control performances improvement

Fixes in 5.5.1 :
M4L now receives midi controllers values
Granulaterre fixed sample starts at begin in all situations
Granulaterre : when the sample is taken from trk1/trk10 the selection in/out is kept in presets
First Drag and drop on loopers
After drag & drop on Loopers, the autofade as the good length
Looper will not try to autofade if there is no loop
Loopers will have a correct loop length after the sample rate has change
Global display zoom
Global display open, close, zoom with a macro command
LFORouterTrack now works for trk10 and fx10 to fx16
Better log curves for MIDI to frequencies in SFXs
Fixed a vumeters issue in some inserts (delay pitch, distortion)
Macro Autocompletion fixed on windows (ctrl+space)
Output recorder : no more crash when the HD is full
Fixed an issue that could cause audio glitches when using a midi controller
Delay pitch SFX : fixed Midi control for On/Off in the
Delay pitch SFX : improved autoclear
Delay Pitch : fixed a potential crash on Mac Os
Fixed documentation issue on some mac and Windows
Fixed LFO random and random X
When panels are in floating mode, all windows open on top
Fixed some cosmetic issues on Windows
GranulaterreAddPLot is fixed
Granulaterre fixed the case where Multitrack was showed but Granulaterre was in stereo
Fixed a monitoring routing issue
Fixed a LFE routing issue when Logelloop is in stereo mode
Inputs fader mémorisation in preset fixed when faders are set in log mode (default for new projects)
Fixed Tracks faders utilisation with the slicer when faders are set in log mode (default for new projects)
Fixed Master level jumping to a bad value when closing the preferences when faders are set in log mode (default for new projects)
Fixed a LFE and Monitor level issue when faders are set in log mode (default for new projects)
Fixed an issue with menu inside zoomed windows
Saved Loop : when a loop is renamed, it is not reloaded

The Logelloop 5.5.1 new functionalities

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