Start making music with Logelloop 5.0.20

List of current limitations and changelog of Logelloop 5.0.20


Please read the prerequisites below to make sure that Logelloop will work well on your computer


Configuration for Logelloop 5 :

Microsoft Windows computer :

– Windows 10 64-bit

– Optimization of the system for audio performances

– Not supported in a virtual machine, a container, a docker, a Wine or WineHQ

– The account must be administrator, to be able to pass in priority realtime


Apple OSX computer :

– OSX 10.10 in 64 bits and later

– Not supported in a virtual machine


Hardware prerequisites (common OSX and Windows) :

– 8 GB RAM minimum, 16 GB recommended

– minimum i5 or i7 processor, 2 hearts / 4 threads minimum, 4 hearts / 8 threads recommended

– SSD recommended for all use of output recorders

– In the case you’re using a laptop, it’s mandatory to connect it to a power source, because it will automatically decreases its performance on battery




Logelloop PDF documentation – May 2019

Logelloop epub documentation – May 2019


Logelloop SDK

The SDK below is a package that, once installed in Max, will give you access to the abstractions and objects necessary to make your effects for Logelloop. This package also provides documentation for understanding the integration of Max patches into Logelloop.

Please note that this SDK is under development and will be improved in the coming months. Feel free to ask us any questions and ask us for any additional information you may need for your projects.

Logelloop SDK – May 2019


Previous version

Logelloop 4.9

Hardware prerequisites for Logelloop 4.9 :

– Apple Mac OS 10.7 or greater
– At least 8 Go of RAM
– Apple dual-core Intel Core i5/i7 minimum
– JAVA 6