Record and play realtime multitrack Live looping,  spatialize your loops in the venue, add realtime sound effects, record your concert in multitrack.

Live Looping
Multitrack Live Looping
Modular Live Looping
Parallel Live Looping
Circular Live Looping
Highly advanced slicer

Internal effects (reverb, delay, distortion, compressors, equalization, spectral filter, ring modulation, etc.)
Mixing console
16 auxiliary circuits
Scene memories
Interpolation between scene memories

Sound Design
Granular synthesis with Granulaterre
Speed change, Time stretch, Pitch
Spatialization of the sound
Realtime edition
Max patchers as insert

Advanced features
Multi-track concert recording
Video player
LFO in automation or to create effects
Save and recall loops
Playback of multi-channel audio files
MIDI, OSC or Script control
Advanced scripting language

Live Looping with Logelloop on Stage