Korpus is a new multi-channel Live Looping system based on Logelloop’s inserted Loopers. 

Korpus is faithful to Logelloop’s reputation, it allows Live Looping with advanced features, perfect sound from the first to the last track, the ability to treat each loop independently, etc. 

Korpus is an intuitive and very versatile. It is a modern system, responding to the feedback and needs of all Logelloop’s users.

Any of the Loopers, wherever it is in Logelloop can become a Korpus track. Loopers are associated to Korpus by assigning a group number. Korpus tracks are not physically linked to each other and it is possible to add or remove a track at any time during a session. It is, of course, possible to erase, mute, re-record each track independently.

Several Korpus can be instantiated in the same session, containing a variable number of Loopers. A Looper can belong to several Korpus. Several Loopers can belong to the same group, making 2, 4, 6 or n-channel Live Looping possible, which is ideal for collective Live Looping or for polyinstrumentalists.

To see Korpus in action, you can watch this tutorial which details each function (don’t forget to activate the caption for english version) :

Korpus, the ultimate tool for Live Looping

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