Looper is an incredibly versatile tool to make synchronous or asynchronous loops. Looper can quantize loops to beats or bars. The recording or playing can start immediately, or wait for the begin of the next bar. 

Each instance of Looper can be associated with a group, if several Loopers are associated with the same group, they will be totally synchronous when recording the loop, thus allowing obtaining a hybrid Looper with an unlimited number of tracks.

Groups allow you to control one or more Loopers simultaneously. A musician can therefore record, play and mute several instruments at the same time. The Loopers groups control window allows the musician to control Logelloop’s main looper and several Loopers groups from a single footboard.

Finally, Korpus gives the possibility to aggregate several Loopers and to practice circular Live Looping with as many Loopers as needed. Without ever compromising on sound quality.

To learn more, you can take a look at the tutorial below.