Korpus, the ultimate tool for Live Looping

Korpus the ultimate Looper of Logelloop

Korpus is a new multi-channel Live Looping system based on Logelloop’s inserted Loopers.  Korpus is faithful to Logelloop’s reputation, it allows Live Looping with advanced features, perfect sound from the first to the last track, the ability to treat each loop independently, etc.  Korpus is an intuitive and very versatile. It is a modern system, responding to the feedback and needs of all Logelloop’s users. Any of the Loopers, wherever

Repeated actions with macros

Logelloop Macro editor

It is possible to make repeated actions in Macros. This is two manners : DoRepeat// Everything here is repeated indefinitelyWhile true or : RepeatWhile true// Everything here is repeated indefinitely. EndRepeat If you want you can add a break in this repeated action.DoRepeat// Everything here is repeated indefinitely. Sleep 10 // Sleep 10 will stop the loop for 10 milliseconds While true The macro can also wait a user action to repeat the action