Logelloop 4

The most powerful Multitrack Looper!

Logelloop 4.8 3280
Demo Logelloop 3
Emmanuel Reveneau #1 3020
Toco la Toccata #1 (Philippe Ollivier)


Logelloop’s workshop next Thursday in Mexico city!


As a developer of Logelloop, Bandoneonist and sound designer, Philippe Ollivier will demonstrate the basic possibilities of Logelloop. The technique of Live Looping will be quickly evoked to go deeper and introduce the specificities of Logelloop : the multichannel, the spatialization of sound, the ability to use a large number of loopers, scripts, etc.

It will also discuss the use of such a tool for sound design. The recording and modification of sounds in real time and their export to a sound editor like pro tools, cubase, etc.

During the workshop, participants will be able to use Logelloop and those who practice an acoustic instrument can come with this instrument to do some tests with Logelloop.This workshop is intended for musicians or sound artists who wish to be interested in a new tool for the transformation and spatialization of sound.

Thursday May the 17th from 4:00PM to 8:00PM – Mexico – Logelloop workshop at alianza francesa de Polanco
Auditorium de Polanco (Socrates 156, Polanco II Secc, 11550 Mexico, District fédéral) free participation – Please make a private message to register

4th Tutorial : Loop edition, Loop Copy, sound Importation, and Output recording


Here is the fourth tutorial about Logelloop.
This Logelloop’s Tutorial is about Loop edition, Copy, sound Importation, and Output recording.


The main Looper’s basic functions


Here is the third tutorial directed by Sylvain Aubry and translated by Iam Bhisitkul.
This tutorial is about the Looper’s basic main functions.