Logelloop 4

The most powerful Multitrack Looper!

Demo Logelloop 3
Emmanuel Reveneau #1 3020
Toco la Toccata #1 (Philippe Ollivier)


Emmanuel Reveneau and the looping #1


During our last Logelloop workshop, Emmanuel Reveneau took the time to tell us about the history of loopers and especially his approach to the loop. Here is the first part of this interview :

More video about Logelloop : http://www.logelloop.com/videos

Logelloop 4.5


Logelloop 4.5 is a major update who improve the user’s experience with a lot of new features. We improved some basic looper functionalities and reduce the audio latence in some cases. We also add some useful plug-ins and the possibility to command inserts by Midi notes or controllers. Thanks to a new time stretch possibilities, the File players can follow the looper. The babyloopers permit parallel recordings to loop some instruments at once in separate tracks.
We improved the video player and added a lot of new functionalities such as subtitles. The OSC communication is totally rewritten and Logelloop can now send informations to up to 4 OSC targets and the output recorder is much more efficient, even with slow hard drives.
We also improved the macro editing experience. There is now an automatic indentation of the macro in the editor for more readability. We added arrays in variables, and a lot of new macro functionalities.
In order to have a simplified learning to Logelloop, the documentation is now included in the application and accessible from the menu.
Click here to download Logelloop

Logelloop presentation at Ircam Forum 2015


Next Thursday, Philippe Ollivier will introduce Logelloop 4.5 at the IRCAM forum 2015. After a global tour of the software functionalities, the focus will be internal macro editor and on the Max patch insertion in Logelloop.

More information at : http://forumnet.ircam.fr/parisprogram2015/