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Emmanuel Reveneau #1 3020
Toco la Toccata #1 (Philippe Ollivier)


Oficina Digital, Millumin synced to Logelloop!


Today, Friday 7 April 2017, at the Logelloù, in Penvenan takes place the first performance of the show Oficina digital created by Jean-Luc Thomas. This show combines a beautiful work of musical composition, served by an intelligent writing of the loops and a scenography devoted to photo and video projections. During this show Jean-Luc Thomas drives Millumin from Logelloop. After this first performance, the show will go on tour, stay connected!


Presentation of Logelloop 4.8 at the Paris Spring Loops festival


We are making a presentation of Logelloop 4.8 this Sunday at the Paris Spring Loops festival.

This presentation by Philippe Ollivier will be at Les Voutes at 6:30 pm. And if you like live looping, do not miss the many concerts that will take place during the festival.

Logelloop 4.8 is released


We are very proud to introduce Logelloop 4.8 which brings features that will simplify your life!


We have rewritten the management of output routings. Each panel, stereo, multitrack and spatialized, is now totally independent. You can now switch from spatialized to stereo mode, and return to spatialized mode without losing information. You can also launch Logelloop without connecting your sound card and without losing the settings that are specific to its number of outputs.


We also totally rewritten the Logelloop windows management. All the windows now have the zoom (cmd + / cmd -). This zoom setting and the position of all windows, including SFX, LFX and inserts, are stored in the project. New macro controls will allow you to switch easily from one window configuration to another during a concert. We also improved the behavior of the multi-screen, using several screens on the same stage is now very easy!


After loads of requests, we added a Pitch insert which, as its name suggests, changes the pitch of the sound! We also added the option to load VST or Audio-Unit plugins as an insert.


As always, this version brings a plethora of new features to the macro language (tutorials will arrive soon on the site, stay connected)!


And then, of course, we worked to improve the overall stability.
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