Logelloop 4

The most powerful Multitrack Looper!

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Toco la Toccata #1 (Philippe Ollivier)


4th Tutorial : Loop edition, Loop Copy, sound Importation, and Output recording


Here is the fourth tutorial about Logelloop.
This Logelloop’s Tutorial is about Loop edition, Copy, sound Importation, and Output recording.


The main Looper’s basic functions


Here is the third tutorial directed by Sylvain Aubry and translated by Iam Bhisitkul.
This tutorial is about the Looper’s basic main functions.


Logelloop 4.9 release and on Sale!


We have just released Logelloop 4.9 which is a version that brings several fixes to the use of Logelloop in demo mode. Logelloop 4.9 contains”Logelloop quick start” and “Macro examples”, 2 projects which will help you to approach the software. You will find these projects in the DashBoard. This release also includes some interface improvements and bug fixes.

Logelloop is available for only 69 euros instead of 99 until Thursday, November 30. Do not miss this opportunity to acquire a license at the lowest price.

Click here to download Logelloop 4.9